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Florida Israel - Women's Mission - FIDF March 8-16th 2018

FIDF’s 2nd National Women’s Mission is almost sold out! There are four more spots left — which means that you still have the opportunity to be part of this truly unforgettable and transformative journey, experiencing Israel and the IDF through a uniquely female lens. This is truly the only trip you will find inspired by women, led by women, and shared by women.

With Brigadier General (Res.) Gila Klifi-Amir again at the helm, participants immerse into the world of female IDF soldiers and officers, participate in exclusive meetings with female members of Knesset, and meet extraordinary women of the "start-up nation." In fact, Brigadier General Klifi-Amir, a true leader and trailblazer for women in the IDF throughout her entire 30-year service, has arranged for two high-level small-group sessions with extraordinary women leading Israel and the IDF today that you can’t miss:

  • “By Land, By Sea, and By Air” — a panel of current IDF trailblazing women who are protecting Israel and its citizens in each of the arms of service. Panel guests include:
    • Major Dana Ben-Ezra, the first deputy commander of the co-ed Battalion 47, and the woman in the most senior combat role today
    • Captain “Y”, an F-15 navigator and the first female deputy commander of a combat squadron in the Navy
    • Captain Or Cohen, the first female commander of an Israeli Navy vessel
  • Dvorah Forum Meeting — a network of 100 leading Israeli women from various fields focused on ensuring the inclusion of women in decision-making processes at the national level. This session will feature:
    • Sima Shine, a veteran of Israel’s intelligence community, whose roles in the Mossad included Head of Research and Evaluation. Ms. Shine served as the Deputy Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs from 2009-2015, where she became a leading expert on Iran/Israel relations.
    • Brigadier General (Ret.) Orit Adato, the first woman to receive the title of Lieutenant General in the police force and to hold the position of Commissioner of the Israel Prison Service, through which she became a renowned expert on prison management, dealing with imprisoned terrorists, and prison security.

In addition to these once-in-a-lifetime sessions, participants will have two “FIDF-Exclusives”: a meeting with the highly-esteemed Dorit Beinisch, 9th President of Israel’s Supreme Court and the first woman to hold this position; an incredible informal conversation with former Chief of the General Staff Benny Gantz over breakfast.

Attendees on last year's inaugural women's mission could not have been more inspired and exhilarated about their time in Israel with FIDF; in their own words:

“To say that the FIDF Inaugural Women’s Mission to Israel was life-changing would not in any stretch of the imagination be overstated. The richness of travelling to Israel with FIDF; to have access into the bases, the government, the homes of fallen soldiers, is something that cannot be described — it must be experienced. Seeing all of this through the lens of women in the FIDF was extraordinary. But to have these shared experiences with a group of women who have become such close friends, was more than I could have ever dreamed of.” — T.C., New Jersey


Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate Israel’s and the IDF’s 70th in the Jewish homeland — alongside Israel’s protectors and defenders!

We are so excited to announce FIDF’s 2018 National Rising Leaders Mission to Israel for young professionals, taking place from June 29 — July 5, 2018. Selected participants will travel alongside IDF soldiers, connect with high-level dignitaries, and be completely immersed in the Israeli culture. This is a highly subsidized trip for rising FIDF leaders; applications are being accepted now.

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