Welcome to the Investor Visa Club by Luxury Chamber.  IVC is essentially a club within a South Florida for-profit chamber of commerce which is expanding nationwide in the U.S. and is seeking a more international member base and a method to bring value to the local cities in which we are starting to operate in i.e. Phoenix, Los Angeles, Minneapolis etc. All immigration lawyers are welcome to join our club for only $290. per year and prospective EB5 investors can join as well either from abroad or in the U.S.  Since we operate under the for-profit model we can host events in any large city in the U.S. and fill the room with the clients you are looking for.  Two months advance notice is required to put together a networking event or symposium in your local jurisdiction. Event attendees will include well heeled immigrants with families overseas, philanthropists, politicians and purveyor's of luxury goods and services.  The joining barrister should encourage EB5 investors to put their money in a luxury startup such as a yacht brokerage, fashion boutique, golf course or related business which will help to bring more value to such said local area.

Please contact the founder Jay Shapiro with any questions: jshapiro@luxurychamber.com


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