Ariat - CA based footwear company which makes leather boots for the Equestrian lifestyle.

Armani - Italian Fashion Designer from Piacenza.

Ascot - a flamboyant fat tie that's really almost the equivalent of draping your neck with a silk handkercheif.

Boca Babe - A high maintenance lady with bright red lipstick. Married to a millionaire or goes after men with a strong Dunn & Bradstreet report. Will not carry a handbag less than a Prada.  Tends to have alot of plastic surgery, loves Botox and expensive bling.

Bespoke - another word for tailor made.  Made to the exact specifications of the individual with respect to clothing and some other designer products.

Connoisseur Brand - a brand so highly coveted within a niche market demographic that they don't even need to strive for a high brand awareness as the quality is conveyed via word of mouth among the niche clientele aka connoisseurs. 

Candy Wooley - designer of exotic skin clutches and handbags. Several celebrities spotted with them: Anna Sobrero, Sandra Itzel, Marisela Montecristo, Carolina Macallister, Jalymar Solomon and Kourtney Kardashian.  Mostly python skin and hairhide Candy is based in Miami yet offers bespoke worldwide!

Debutante - a classy young lady making her way into the society scene in cities such as Beverly Hills, Miami or New York.

Democratization - taking a luxury level product and making it available to the masses.  Such as what auto manufacturers have been doing for years.  i.e. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Dessy - bridalware makers involved in the production of more than just dresses.

Equine - related to a horse.  Equestrians from Wellington sometimes have long faces and look like the horses they own.  The same phenomenon happens in middle class society with dog owners.


Four Hundred - could also be called the four hundred club.  It refers to the society scene of any given city.  The term got its name from the capacity of Astor's ballroom.  There is some truth to the fact that 400 people can rule a city.

Goyard - French handbag and trunk maker founded in 1853.  They make the finest trunks for designer trunk shows.

Gentry - nobility or royal highness in a community. 


Hickey Freeman - men's suit designer born in 1899 in Rochester, NY. 

Honma - world's most expensive golf clubs.  Made in Japan and they run about $5000. each.


Israel - Israel is the state of Luxury and modern technology.  The only democracy in the Middle East.

James Demesmin - The VIP Manager at the famed Vibe Nightclub on Las Olas Blvd in Ft Lauderdale.

Jimmy Choo - London Shoemaker.  $6000. pair of shoes anybody?


Khalilah Camacho Ali - Muhammad Ali's second wife. A member of Luxury Chamber and current owner of an Italian suit company & part owner of a boxing gym.

Kiton - tie company in Naples Italy which has been maintaining bespoke tradition for many generations.

Lux Chamber - abbreviation for Luxury Chamber of Commerce

Lapidary - just another fancy schmancy word for Jeweler or Jewelry Maker.

Lakeside Terrace - a luxury banquet hall in Boca Raton.


Marrow Spoon - long spoon with indentations on both ends which make it perfect for scooping marrow out of osso buco and larger bone cuts.

Masstige - marketing luxury to the masses.


New York Prime - one of the finest steakhouses in South Florida.

Nuna - a brand of luxury baby strollers and high chairs.


Oris - Swiss watch manufacturer founded in 1911.

Orlebar Brown - London based designer of men's swimwear and shirts.

Orobianco - Italian parfum and cologne maker.

OTBT Shoes - wedge shoes for ladies designed for comfort similar to a Birkenstock sandal yet in wedge design.


Pagani - Horacio Pagani is an Argentine car designer responsible for several Lamborghini Countach designs and now the Pagani Huayra and Zonda which are built in Italy.

Patek Philipppe - world's most respected horologist.

Pininfarina - designer of the handling of Ferrari autos.

Polite Society - another way of saying upper crust or people in the society scene who have deep pockets.


Quintsoul - California style swimwear.

Quintessentially Concierge - perhaps the world's most respected concierge service.  Certainly the largest when it comes to luxury lifestyle. 

Rococo - late 18th century European art movement noted for its fanciful and ornate interpretation of architecture which ended up parlaying over into paintings, interior design, literature and even music. 

Ribazuba - Ivory bone from a walrus tusk.

Salwar Kameez - traditional South Asian or Middle Eastern dress.  Sometimes pronounced Shalwar. Salwar meaning pants and Kameez meaning body shirt. Shalwar is of Persian origin while Salvar is the Turkish word.

SoFI  - a luxury neighborhood in Miami. Meaning of the acronym is: South of Fifth. Also known as the SoFI District.

Sommelier - an educated person of fine wines.  One who can teach about wine.

Tally WEiJL - global Fashion boutique store known for its sexy pink iconic logo and flashy advertising.

Thierry Mugler - Frenchman and creator of fine perfumes.

Ulysse Nardin - Swiss watch maker founded in 1846

Verragio - Engagement rings by Barry.

Worth Ave - the main drag on Palm Beach Island.  While you're there checkout Hotel Chesterfield's Cheetah Lounge and Taboo located at 221 Worth Ave.

Xelibri - the biggest failure in the cell phone industry.  A luxury fashion cell phone brand which failed do to designers who were too stupid to communicate with the corporate directors and end users.

Yacht - a boat which is generally 30' or longer and has at least room for one bedroom and luxury amenities.

Yigal Azrouel - Sephardic fashion designer from New York via Israel with Moroccan heritage.  His line is sold at Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom's and fine boutiques.

Zegna - 1892 was the year that this tie maker was born but he really got started in 1910. Largest producer of fine Italian textiles. Ermenegildo-Zegna is now the largest menswear brand in the entire world.

 Luxury Acronym Definitions

ALHS - Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

AM - Aston Martin

ASC - Atlantis Salt Cave

AWMA - Accredited Wealth Management Advisor

BOAF - Building Officials Assn. of Florida (West Palm Beach)

CLHMS - Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

CS - Challenge Stradale by Ferrari 2004

CWM - Chartered Wealth Manager

CYBA - Charter Yacht Brokers Association

FCA - Ferrari Club of America

FGBC - Florida Green Builders Assn.

FLC - Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Club

FMF - Florida Music Festival

FREJ - Florida Real Estate Journal

FTL - Fort Lauderdale Airport

FSGA - Florida State Golf Association

FWBC - Florida Women's Business Center of Delray Beach

FWC - Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

FYBA - Florida Yacht Brokers Association

GLX - Grand Luxury (automotive trim level)

IFLHM - Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

ILTM - Int'l Luxury Travel Market  (travel expo)

L4L - Luxury for Less (travel website)

LBSI - Luxury Brand Status Index

LUV - Luxury Utility Vehicle

LBK - Longboat Key

LE - Luxury Edition

LMAG - Luxury Men's Apparel Group

LMC - Luxury Marketing Council

LS - Luxury Sedan

LYG - Luxury Yacht Group of Fort Lauderdale

MB - Miami Beach

MCB - Miami City Ballet

MDX - Multi Dimension Luxury by Acura

MIA - Miami International Airport

NMB - North Miami Beach

PGA - Professional Golfers Assn.

RPOF - Republican Party of Florida

SOBE - South Beach

SV - Super Veloce (velocity) by Lamborghini

SWF - Sovereign Wealth Fund

UAW - Under Accumulator of Wealth

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