How to find a good plastic surgeon in Miami:

1.) Reputation, when searching for the reputation of anything medical related do not simply rely on online reviews such as Yelp and others.  Consider talking to other members of your local chamber of commerce whom have utilized their services.  Also strongly consider the American Board of Plastic Surgery as one of the strongest referances as well as they only allow licensed and certified practitioners.

2.) Hospital or Clinic Consideration, make sure that the clinic or hospital has a good reputation and that they know of and certify the services of the plastic surgeon.

3.) Experience, check the doctor's experience with the procedure in question against peer reviewed publications and medical journals.

4.) Certification, they must be certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

5.) Communication & follow up, make sure that the doctor and employees speak your language, get along well with you and fully understand your concerns.  Make sure they follow up with you and provide information on a consultative basis and not as a pushy luxury car salesperson would. This is your cosmetic procedure so make sure YOU feel 100% comfortable with the provider and staff.

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