Luxury Chamber of Commerce and the five ways to our largesse!

1. Charity - hosting events with benefactors & philanthropists.
2. Luxury Networking - connecting purveyors with connoisseurs of brands.
3. Promote Members - serve our members as a promotional fulcrum.
4. Civic Involvement - involving local civic leaders for betterment of the community.
5. Education - ensuring member success with shared knowledge & expertise.

  Luxury Chamber is much more than your average location based chamber of commerce.  Whilst a networking group we also serve as a social club for people who enjoy the finer things in life.  We engender remarkable results by tailor making our events to suit the needs of members based on common interests.  We achieve this goal by finding out the interests of each member and then creating a division within the chamber for such said member(s) and creating an event around that special interest.  A recent example: Pro Golf Instructor Stan Moore recently joined Luxury Chamber of Commerce.  Stan is the owner of: and it did not take us long to figure out that Stan probably likes the game of golf.  Luxury Chamber took action and we now have a golfers division complete with its own webpage and social media pages. Furthermore Stan will be an honorary President of the Golf division of Luxury Chamber of Commerce.  Needless to say we will also be hosting some networking events at local country clubs very soon which will benefit all members of Luxury Chamber.

Some examples of other niche market interests we already cater to and have webpages for:


Luxury Chamber of Commerce


Luxury, Fashion & Education - The Mission of Luxury Chamber is to provide quality networking events and to create a community within a community. We connect purveyor with client, client with purveyor, purveyor with purveyor and purveyor in the media via chamber style pr events...

Events: We host about 15-20 events per year and have been doing so since 2009.  Our monthly networking event is held on the 3rd Monday of every month at a local South Florida location.  We host most of our events in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton however 1/3rd of our events are reserved for expanding our reach hence we have held events as far north as Jupiter and as far south as Coral Cables. We also get involved with the PR and marketing of other events in South Florida and we are always willing to consider lending a helping hand with local chartities.

Member Benefits:

  • Complimentary Admission to our events.

  • Business & Member Listing on our website.

  • Tax Deductible as a reasonable & necessary business expense.

  • Membership includes a new member welcome reception or networking cocktail party at your office or place of business.

  • Event Planning Services.

  • Referral Service.

  • Social Media PR Package Included 

Who can join / Membership Requirements:

  • Be employed in a luxury industry or a qualified client of luxury!    *contact us about qualification

  • Celebrities

  • Philanthropists

  • Qualified Charities

  • General Business People as Needed, CPA, Financial Advisor etc

Membership Investment:

$500 - $5000. per year

Luxury Chamber  was founded in 2009 as the brainchild of creative genius Jay Shapiro.  Luxury Chamber serves as a business networking organization for purveyor's of luxury goods & services including but not limited to: Real Estate, Exotic Automobiles, Jewelry, Art, Golf, Jets and Philanthropy.  


Q.) What separates Luxury Chamber of Commerce apart from a local chamber?

A.) First and foremost Luxury Chamber operates as a for-profit entity so we tend to be much more efficient in decision and operations.  Additionally our members and event attendees tend to appreciate the finer things in life.

Q.) Who can join Luxury Chamber?

A.) You do not need to have a net worth of two million dollars or more to join our group.  You simply need to be a purveyor of luxury such as a Real Estate Agent or Jewelry sales person.  One business person per area of expertise will also be permitted to join i.e. one banker, one insurance broker, one dentist. (per county) 

-30 Major Fashion Brands are in the process of joining forces with Luxury Chamber of Commerce

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