Nordstrom's Late Luncheon - Friday September 14th 2018 

1:00pm till 2:15pm

Bistro Cafe

19507 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, FL 33180

Eventbrite - Late Luncheon at Nordstroms with Jay Shapiro

New Member Welcome Luncheon - for members who join Luxury Chamber between the dates of 9/10 and 9/13

Join us for lunch as a new member of Luxury Chamber. Chamber President Jay Shapiro will share information on the chamber and how an active membership may enrich your life. Conversational topics may include: the celebrity speakers in our chamber, prospecting and marketing to the affluent, joining a non-profit board, how the chamber will benefit you and how the chamber functions as a whole.

The cost to attend $250. for non-profits $350. for individuals $500. for small businesses and $1000 for large corporations.


SPICY WILD SHRIMP POMODORO ~ 760 cal garlic shrimp, spaghetti alla chitarra, roasted garlic tomato sauce, basil, parmesan cheese

CRAB MACARONI & CHEESE ~ 960 cal jumbo lump crabmeat, orecchiette pasta, alfredo sauce, gruyère cheese, organic arugula salad, tomato, red onion, parmesan cheese crisp PAN SEARED CHICKEN † 17.75 ~ 720 cal chicken breast, brussels sprouts, lacinato kale, grapes, almonds, orange butter, parmesan cheese, honey lemon gastrique

WILD SALMON WITH MEDITERRANEAN COUSCOUS ~ 870 cal seasonal tomatoes, cucumber, tzatziki sauce, basil, feta cheese

FLAT IRON STEAK FRITES ~ 1040 cal 8 oz flat iron steak, herb butter, organic arugula salad, herbed french fries, kalamata olive aïoli

CHICKEN & CHITARRA PASTA ~ 940 cal sautéed chicken breast, roasted garlic tomato sauce, organic baby spinach, oyster mushrooms, rosemary beurre blanc

Not a member yet?

Wondering, who should join?

1.) Purveyors. Those dealing in Luxury Goods or Services i.e. Real Estate Brokers, Fine Artists, Golf Industry, Fashion, Jewelry, Yacht Brokers, Exotic Car Dealers, Interior Designers, Gourmet Food Brands, Luxury Brand Marketing Managers and Luxury Branding Professionals

2.) Charities. Local non-profit Executive Directors and those involved in the operation of the foundation.

3.) Philanthropists. Local socialites, retirees who desire to be active and luxury brand aficionados who spend a considerable amount on luxury items.


Q.) I'm a purveyor of luxury, real estate broker in fact and I'm wondering, how can Luxury Chamber help me?

A.) In many ways.

1.) by attending our networking events you will meet potential clients and other purveyors of luxury such as yacht brokers etc who may have a referral for someone who just bought a yacht and is looking for a home.

2.) we highlight a different charity benefactor once per month and by getting involved and making your company a donor it puts you in good standing with the local community and creates more exposure for you and your firm in the press such as South Florida Magazine, The Light Magazine, and other media who tend to cover our events.

3.) Referrals. We have our own internet referral portals including and others in addition to referrals we find by combing through social media feeds on a daily basis.

4.) Recognition and exposure. South Florida Magazine is published by Luxury Chamber Media Group and we will grant ad space in the magazine as well as list one of your homes for sale on the magazine's website and implement SEO tactics to bring more traffic to the page and to your own website.

5.) we also host industry educational events to help stay abreast of tactics such as selling to the affluent, branding and other topics directly related to real estate industry sales.

Q.) I work for a small charity. How can Luxury Chamber help me?

A.) We donate 25% of our ticket sales every month directly to a non-profit. As one of our charities, we'd be glad to donate to you at one or two events per year as well as grant a table at the event to promote your non-profit. You can also meet potential donors and philanthropists at the event as well as your peers.

Q.) I'm a retiree and wondering how I can benefit from the chamber?

A.) We can introduce you to our charity benefactors and if its a cause you support we may be able to help get you on the board of directors and or invited to the annual galas. And as a retiree, you'd probably enjoy seeing the fine art and other offerings that our purveyor members have to offer.

Q.) How do I become a member?