Networking Event Dress Code

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The dress code at Luxury Chamber events may change just slightly based on venue, season and theme. If the event is on a yacht people may dress a little differently than if it were at an art gallery. The general rule of thumb is: DRESS AS NICELY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!! AS IF YOU'RE ATTENDING A WEDDING!!! If you cannot or will not wear a tuxedo to a networking event and simply want to blend in, that is fine also but consider wearing a suit! If its summertime and the event is partially outdoors then consider a sport coat over a tee shirt so that you can remove the sport coat when you get too hot. So long as you have the sport coat folded properly over your left arm you will still look fashionable. We are not against tattoos but please have your dress over your shoulder line! We are not against tennis shoes but please only wear them if our event is at a tennis course. If there is anyone out there who would like education on etiquette, luxury branding and fashion styling we have several people in the chamber who can assist. PLEASE either hire them for a fashion consultation or STAY HOME!!!
Our dress code professionals are:
Treasure Coast Area - Faith James
Many people wonder how to dress at luxury chamber events.  There is MUCH latitude in that area.  Even hats are acceptable so long as they are $10,000 Montecristi Panama Hats or Fine Ladies Dress Hats.  (no baseball caps) Use common sense.  Since the word Luxury is the first word in our networking group this means you should dress as outlandish as possible!!!  Gold, diamonds, $20,000,000. watches, $7,000 shoes, $30,000 handbags are all encouraged!  If you are not in the league to dress that outlandishly its perfectly fine.  All we ask is that you:  JUST LOOK PROFESSIONAL!!! Some of the best deals in the world of high fashion can be found at The Goodwill Store on Wednesdays