Welcome to Luxury Chamber of Commerce.  Luxury Chamber  was founded in 2009 as the brainchild of creative genius Jay Shapiro.  Luxury Chamber serves as a business networking organization for purveyor's of luxury goods & services including but not limited to: Real Estate, Exotic Automobiles, Jewelry, Art, Golf, Jets and Philanthropy.  


Q.) What separates Luxury Chamber of Commerce apart from a local chamber?

A.) First and foremost Luxury Chamber operates as a for-profit entity so we tend to be much more efficient in decision and operations.  Additionally our members and event attendees tend to appreciate the finer things in life.

Q.) Who can join Luxury Chamber?

A.) You do not need to have a net worth of two million dollars or more to join our group.  You simply need to be a purveyor of luxury such as a Real Estate Agent or Jewelry sales person.  One business person per area of expertise will also be permitted to join i.e. one banker, one insurance broker, one dentist. (per county) 

-30 Major Fashion Brands are in the process of joining forces with Luxury Chamber of Commerce

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