RIP Dr. Vivian Stein 9/2/2017
Vivan Stein and Jay Shapiro
Vivian Stein with Jay Shapiro
Giselle Camargo Vivian Stein and Jay Shapiro
Dr. Vivian Stein was was a local on the Fort Lauderdale social scene for many years and a good friend to many.  She was originally from Argentina and proud to be a Republican.  She always had an open ear and only gave good advice.  She ended up moving to Miami and we saw less of her in Fort Lauderdale yet always stayed in touch.  It comes as a shock to the chamber and all members she befriended.  Vivian will be missed.  Here is a poem about her that an anonymous friend wrote about her in her blue dress:

Lady in a blue dress


She stepped into the room

Not noticed-as would be

As I was sipping drink

Just laughing gleefully


I turned to take a rest

And suddenly did see

A bright blue figure close

A woman as should be


I stopped and caught my breath

Said nothing-could not still

Amazed at what God made

Was caught-a sudden chill


Her dress, sky blue with clouds

Did brighten up the room

A pageant it now seemed

Of beauty just for me


I sighed and noticed gold

Gold silk that stirred my soul

It hung so peacefully

Amidst a flowered smile


Approached her, now I did

To find a gentle heart

That smiled now just for me

The world just stood apart


The scent of golden hair

So silky, long and cared

With smile and cheerful eyes

Did leave my heart with her

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