Where to meet quality people in Fort Lauderdale?

If you're trying to meet quality people the first step is to figure out what your definition of quality is.  Do you like to associate with an upscale classy crowd which fancies itself on yachts, wild parties, fast cars and swanky venues / clothes?  Or are you more of an artsy type or do-gooder philanthropic minded person seeking or arriving at the altruistic stage in life?  Some of you fit into more than one of these groups but for the sake of keeping it simple we will call the three groups: Jet Setters, Artists and Philanthropists.  South Florida event expert Jay Shapiro has put together some advice for meeting quality people in the area.

  • Jet Setters - Jet Setters like the fast, fashionable and fun life so be sure to join the local mailing lists so that you get invited to all the hot parties.  Mailing lists to consider: Fort Lauderdale Magazine, Show Management / International Boat Show, Local Wine Events, Black-Tie South Florida, local exotic car dealers such as Ferrari-Masserati of Fort Lauderdale, also certain concierge services have mailing lists with quality events.  The one we recommend is: Millionaire's Concierge.  As for venues we'd recommend: Lobster Bar, Vibe on Las Olas, Cafe Martorano, The Tower Club, Boatyard and Rythm & Vine. Be sure to also check out some of the local Jet Charter events and hangar parties at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport by names like Windsor Jet Managment and W Jets.

  • Artists - If you'e into art you will want to attend the Fat Village Art Walk on the last Saturday of every month.  While your there meet and subscribe to the mailing lists of every local artist there as they tend to host their own events throughout the month.  They can be found at FatVillage.com   Also, go to ArtServe on Sunrise Blvd and introduce yourself.  ArtServe is a non-profit organization which introduces artists and art collectors to one another, aids in finding grants and helping artists any way they can.  Be sure to check out ArtsCalendar.com  Also, visit the galleries on Las Olas, we recomment Jamali fine art gallery.  Last but not least take a trip up to Pompano Beach and visit the Baker Arts Center which is a blooming regentrification project. If you're a vegetarian by all means visit Sublime Restaurant and get on their mailing list.

  • Philanthropists - like to donate, get your hands dirty and make a difference? The number one spot to meet quality people in Broward is: Habitat for Humanity of Broward chaired by local philanthropical legend Bill Feinberg.  Put in some quality physical labor and help to build affordable housing for those who need it.  If labor is not your thing check out the various pet and dog rescue initiatives in the area.  Dog and pet charities are extremely popular in the area and some lists to get on: Pet Set, Human Society, Eddy's K9 Rescue and United Dog Rescue. Be sure to also check the South Florida Society Scene Calendar and join the mailing list of all of the charities and venues involved.  societyscene.org and join the mailing list for Riverwalk Trust.
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