Celebrity Apprentice 2019 Relaunch

The Lowdown:

Honestly, we thought that the guys won this in a runaway. It was funnier, and far more interesting than the other. This was confirmed by Tyra, who gave us “America’s Next Top Model” flashbacks throughout this. Her biggest issue with the presentation was that the women didn’t show off their celebrity well, and tried to be relatable more so than utilize anything that was their greatest strength.

Porsha had a tough time immediately when it comes to finding someone to fire, and it really took Carrie Keagan to actually offer up some semblance of an opinion in the boardroom. She brought up the obvious: Porsha was the Project Manager, and therefore, most of the responsibility fell at her feet. She controlled everything, and she did a bad job finding a pawn. She eventually looked towards Carrie and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi as scapegoats, but the only thing they did wrong was not step up enough. But, they weren’t asked to step up!

Arnold’s decision – Before re-entering the boardroom, Snooki made a mistake in mentioning that she had tanning products and knew more information than she gave during the task. Of course, Porsha could’ve used that. Her second mistake was talking about how scared she was during much of her time in the boardroom, given that feeling sorry for someone isn’t a good reason to keep them.

Yet … Arnold fired Carrie? Well, apparently one part of this season that is similar to the first is that we’re going to continue to see inexplicable decisions made at the top. Apparently, Arnold admires risk-takers, and Porsha took a risk … even if her risks didn’t give her the win in the end.

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